U.S. / Turkey Relations – Documentary Short

As we’re nearing the end of my first semester of graduate school (I’m studying International Studies), I thought I’d share one of the projects we worked on for my Regional Study of North Africa & the Middle East class. It’s a short, 8 minute (mini) documentary that I produced (and narrated) on U.S. / TurkishContinue reading “U.S. / Turkey Relations – Documentary Short”

Travel Piece Picked Up By MyAmericanTrips.com

Last week,  MyAmericanTrips shared my piece on what to do while roadtripping from Houston to Big Bend and West Texas. The article is called “Big Bend & West Texas: What To Do” – yeah, simple and to the point. Check it out when you have a sec:   Big Bend & West Texas: What To Do. Thanks MyAmericanTrips.com!! And don’tContinue reading “Travel Piece Picked Up By MyAmericanTrips.com”

Privately Funded Sidewalk Repair, Replace & Installation Program – Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Privately Funded Sidewalk Repair, Replace and Installation Program Makes Walkable Sidewalks A Reality HOUSTON, TX. (April 17, 2015) – City of Houston residents can now make sidewalk repair easier and faster, thanks to a new program through the Department of Public Works and Engineering (PWE). The program is called the Privately Funded SidewalkContinue reading “Privately Funded Sidewalk Repair, Replace & Installation Program – Press Release”