U.S. / Turkey Relations – Documentary Short

As we’re nearing the end of my first semester of graduate school (I’m studying International Studies), I thought I’d share one of the projects we worked on for my Regional Study of North Africa & the Middle East class. It’s a short, 8 minute (mini) documentary that I produced (and narrated) on U.S. / TurkishContinue reading “U.S. / Turkey Relations – Documentary Short”

ReBuild Houston Fact Sheet & FAQs

I composed the below Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which were used to develop several webpages, ¬†for the ReBuild Houston website (https://www.rebuildhouston.org/summary-facts and https://www.rebuildhouston.org/frequently-asked-questions). Additionally, the Fact Sheet and FAQs provided content for our social media sites. FACT SHEET ReBuild Houston is a direct result of City of Houston voters approving Proposition OneContinue reading “ReBuild Houston Fact Sheet & FAQs”