Accepted to Business Plan Competition for Cheap Girl Travel

Last night was my first meeting with my consultants, as well as all the other contestants.
First Business Plan Development Competition Meeting and First Time Meeting my consultants, as well as all the other contestants.

Sometime in November, after reading a draft business plan for Cheap Girl Travel, a professor of mine suggested I apply for a business plan development competition. I was instantly excited at the thought so, in December I submitted my application. Guess who was accepted? ME!

My business concept is 1 of 25 that were selected (out of 70 applicants) and I couldn’t be more proud that I’m taking this step towards building my dream. Even if I don’t win (which I will), the knowledge I will obtain is priceless.

My desire is to build not only my dream but a solid brand that represents what travelers are seeking. If you have a moment, check out and share your thoughts on the direction I’m going so far. I would love the input!!

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