Let’s Talk Poetry

Skol Casbar & Grille is one of Houston’s best-kept secrets with a variety of events happening almost any day of Skolthe week. Skol offers everything from live music to private parties to hot DJs to beat battles and of course, spoken work. Each and every Thursday evening, Skol transforms itself into “Mash the Mic.” It’s one of the hottest nights around if you want to hit the town and are looking for poetry. “Mash the Mic” is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and just chill while listening to the lyrical stylings of widely respected Houston poets including St. Andrew, the Illusionist and host / poet, A.T. In addition, the Thursday night house band is something you simply can’t imagine. Read More – “Arting Around” for Midtown Paper

Published by Katherine Mestousis

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