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Katherine’s career in Digital and Social Media campaign oversight began in 2008, while managing national recording artist, Jill Scott’s MySpace page on behalf of Hidden Beach Recordings. It was during the course of that year that Katherine came to understand the power of social media and developed her passion for digital marketing.

Since then, Katherine has managed the strategy and content for approximately 30 digital media sites and blogs for an array of organizations. A few projects include:

  1. Blog creation and content writing for the Midtown Management District, while managing and growing their multi-channel social media campaign.
  2. Developing, pitching and managing a full-scale, multi-channel social media campaign for the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department. 
  3. Social content creation and paid advertising for the City of Houston Health Department.
  4. Content writing for the American Festival for the Arts website and social platforms.
  5. Freelance services provided for several independently owned businesses. Services include social media trainings, campaign management, and content writing. 

Katherine’s 14 years of social media experience has given her extensive knowledge of digital media strategy, analytics, digital advertising, blogging, HTML, content creation and oversight.

Social platforms Katherine has developed or composed content for:
Harris County Universal ServicesHouston Health DepartmentHouston Public WorksMidtown Management District
FacebookFacebook (42k)Facebook
Facebook (21k)
LinkedInTwitter (40k)Twitter
Twitter (13.6k)
TwitterLinkedIn (1,400)NextDoorYouTube

In Case You Want to Know More About Digital…

What is a Digital Media Marketing Campaign?

Digital Media refers to both online and offline channels including, but not limited to mobile advertising, TV, online advertising including social media, SMS, etc. A Digital Media campaign, therefor, is comprised of several elements. These include: 

“Midtown Rocks!” WordPress blog. Developed & written by K. Mestousis.

Digital Media Strategy Development:  Developing individualized strategies through detailed instructional documents.

Digital Strategy Product Development:  Creation of calendars, reports, instruction guides, content tools and other resources to help a businesses get organized and stay productive.

Digital Media Advertising (Paid, Influencer or Owned):  Production of content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.


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