Harris County 311 Launch Campaign

BRIEF: In September 2022 the Harris County, Universal Services Department launched the Harris County 311 platform. The 311 platform advances the project mission by further safeguarding the County’s fiscal health, achieving strategic objectives, promoting transparent and accountable government, and serving the large and diverse populace of Harris County by. Platform objectives include:

  • Enhancing customer service through a “one-stop shop” for County services and information;
  • Increasing efficiency by simplifying business processes within 20+ departments;
  • Cost savings from reduced administrative costs;
  • Improving data management and security of government and constituent information processed on the 311 portal; and,
  • Continued investment in smart government initiatives.

PRIMARY TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC:  Harris County residents, and employees.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS: This marketing campaign included platform and website development, social media marketing, outreach to elected officials and Harris County staff, press release distribution, and more.

Tool Kit:


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