‘Houston I Am Life’ Campaign

BRIEF: ‘Houston I Am Life’ is a $2 million, three year, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) grant-funded HIV education and prevention campaign with a focus on PrEP. PrEP is a once daily medication that if taken properly can reduce the risk of getting HIV by 92% – 99%. Due to the many approvals required by City of Houston Legal team, City Council and the Mayor’s office, the campaign was delayed and an interim campaign had to be created. Katherine was instrumental in the strategy and execution of all aspects of this campaign. That includes everything from composing the RFP submitted to the public for vendor services; to creating graphic design elements for web, brochures, posters, t-shirts; to media buying; and much more.

When the approval process was finally complete, Katherine then stepped into a project management/oversight role working with the selected vendor on the full scale, ‘Houston I Am Life’ campaign. In this capacity, Katherine worked on a variety of areas such as campaign research including the coordination of focus groups and public meetings; and campaign concept development. Additionally, Katherine served as a liaison between Houston Health Department executives and clinicians and various external vendors.

PRIMARY TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC: Underserved populations including people of color, the transgender community, gay men, and others.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS: Market research, focus groups, community outreach and events, stakeholder engagement, web/app/social media presence, media buying (in-print, radio and cable tv), branded merchandise.

Click HERE to hear about the many components and successes of this exciting campaign or visit Houston I Am Life on the web. #HoustonIamLife


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